Raphaella Davies

B. 1994

Lives & works in Newcastle, UK


2019 - 2021

MFA (Master Fine Art), Newcastle University

2013 – 2016

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Liverpool School of Art & Design, LJMU

Selected Exhibitions/Projects/Performances


Welcome Collection Mitochodrial Research Artist in Residence


Allenheads Contemporary Arts - Show & micro-residency (March 2019)


Alius, Northumberland

9x5, Sinderhope, Northumberland

goRGE; your glitter addiction is destroying the environment, Solo Show, PERICLO, Wrexham, Wales


Pilot Screens, PERICLO, Wrexham, Wales

Ecological robotics, biopolitics and creative practice laboratory participant, MIGAA, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania

COLLOQUY: Textual Healing through Research Reading Groups #4, P E R I C L O, Wrexham

NE->NW, Double Yolk, WE THE NORTH, The Royal Standard, Liverpool

Crit-a-oke, Tžužjj, A.N Assembly, The Royal Standard, Liverpool

Light Night Liverpool 2017, Surtsey Projects, Gostins Building, Liverpool

NxNW Poetry Tour, The Enemies Project, The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

X, blip blip blip, East Street Arts, Leeds


In Motion, New Spaces Bolton, Launch Pad Projects, Bolton

How much are they paying you? The Royal Standard, Liverpool

Live Import/Live Export, Toxteth Reservoir, Liverpool

LJMU Degree Show, John Lennon Art & Design Building, LJMU

Endeavour, Liverpool Medical Institution

Try Even Harder, Make Liverpool, North Docks

TRY HARDER, Exhibition Research Centre, John Lennon Art & Design Building, LJMU

B4* - BISECT, The Royal Standard, Liverpool


Exchange Flags – 45, Exchange Flags, Business Quarter, Liverpool

LIFE, High Forest Fine Arts, Sinderhope, Northumberland

Pro Duco, John Lennon Art & Design Building, Liverpool


Limited Access, Toxteth Reservoir, Liverpool


Nomadic Village (Static Caravan) – Allenheads Contemporary Arts, Wolsingham, Northumberland



CAPP (Collaborative Art's Partnership Programme) and Tate Liverpool Partner - Power & Practice Symposium speaker and contributor.

Visiting Lecturer/tutor & Curator, John Moores University, Liverpool, UK


Art Director/Project Manager, OK the Musical, Tate Liverpool

Curatorial Traineeship, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool

Mediator, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool

Director of A Particular Act, Crown Building Studios, Liverpool (Ongoing)

Artist Assistant/Performer to Danielle Freakly, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool (Ongoing)

Artist Assistant to Sahej Rahal, Liverpool Biennial, Cains Brewery, Liverpool

Guest Lecturer at the Artist Teacher Symposium, The Atkinson, Southport

2015 -2016

Critical Thinking: Art in Prisons with arts Hannah Hull, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool


ACA (Allenheads Contemporary Art) Projects Assistant, Allenheads, Northumberland



Ecological robotics, biopolitics and creative practice laboratory participant, MIGAA, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania

Poly-Residency Award from LJMU and Crown Building Studios

LJMU Partners Award from the directors of Tate Liverpool, FACT and Liverpool Biennial


CAPP - https://cappnetwork.com/practiceandpower/capp-contributor/raphaella-davies/

Conch FYI Interview - http://conch.fyi/raphaelladavies.html

OK the Musical - http://okthemusical.com/participants/raphaella-davies/

PERICLO Announcement - http://www.deeside.com/periclo-announce-first-art-exhibition-of-2018/

CBS Residency - https://cbsgallery.co.uk/Graduate-Residency-A-Particular-Act-Counsel

Blip Blip Blip Group Show - http://blipblipblip.co.uk/archive/X.html

Pilot Screens - https://www.blackboxprojectspace.com/pilot-screens

MIGAA Ecological Robotics, biopolitics and creative practice - http://www.migaa.eu/ecological-robotics-biopolitics-and-creative-practice/participants/

NorthWEST poetry tour - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oZC8mlZNFw

Bad Vibes Club - Text 'The Thing' - https://issuu.com/fsliverpool/docs/the_bad_vibes_club_-_martin_heidegg

LightNight 2017 - AIL - http://www.artinliverpool.com/events/lightnight-2017-buildings-roman/

LJMU Awards - https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/about-us/news/articles/2016/5/27/art-and-design-end-of-year-show

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