Raphaella Davies

B. 1994

Lives & works in Liverpool, UK

Raphaella Davies is performance and installation artist based in Liverpool, UK. She graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University in 2016. Her practice primarily focuses on humour as a tool to subvert serious topics and as a way to increase accessibility within more formal art situations, such as gallery spaces and institutions.  Her multidisciplinary practice is naturally satirical and chaotic. When performing this is used to create intimate scenarios within larger audiences. Through this she questions the typical tropes of performance art and explores the performer-audience relationship.

Raphaella also investigates the themes of isolation and community. This stems from the years spent in a small isolated village in Northern England with her family in her more formative years. The idea of belonging and how identities form in individuals through their surroundings is a topic she wishes to explore further, focusing on rural locations and communities that inevitably form through proximity.

Alongside her artistic practice, Raphaella also co-directs A Particular Act. This is a performance project space previously situated at Crown Building Studios in Liverpool. The project formed as a result of her Poly-Residency Award from LJMU. It aims to bring many different types of performance into the same space, opening up how we can experience different fields of performance work in the same setting. Raphaella was also awarded the Partnership award with Tate Liverpool, Liverpool Biennial and FACT where she relieved mentorship from the directors Francesco Manacorda, Sally Tallant and Mike Stubbs.

For the past 18 months Raphaella has worked in various roles in Liverpool, particularly in Production and Public Engagement. She has just finished a role at Tate Liverpool as Art Director/Project Manager for the community focused artwork OK The Musical. Previous to that she worked at  Liverpool Biennial, first on the Public Engagement team, collaborating with performers, comedians and writers to host an art and comedy themed performance event responding to the 2016 Liverpool Biennial, a Project Coordinator and Project Assistant for two separate Artists and then as a Curatorial Trainee working towards the 2018 Liverpool Biennial.

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